Goki - Social comittment wordwide!

Goki - Social comittment wordwide!

Goki is also socially comitted worldwide. This supports the building of schools in developing countries such as Mali, Peru or Uganda. There, children who previously had to work in mines, for example, are given the opportunity to receive an education. In GoKi´s own factory in China, western standards prevail with regard to occupational safety and security. The employees receive a wage that is fair enough above the usual pay scale. It goes without saying that no GoKi toys are built by children. We make toys FOR children, not BY children.

150 million children worldwide are engaged in child labour, depriving them of their basic rights and opportunities. This is why goki is committed to building schools in the Third World. Because education is the way out of poverty and child labour. In cooperation with the children‘s relief organisations „terre des hommes“ and „Children in Africa“, ten schools have been built so far. Together with registered Arise e.V., goki is currently building its eleventh school in Ghana.\


                                        School in the Philippines...

                                              and in Vietnam...

  1 Phu Le, Vietnam, 2001
  2 Jaén, Peru, 2002
  3 Villa San Javier, Colombia, 2002
  4 Berdossou, Mali, 2003
  5 Berdossou, Mali, 2005
  6 Negros, Philippines, 2007
  7 Negros, Philippines, 2009
  8 Bupoto, Uganda, 2011
  9 Bupoto, Uganda, 2012
10 Bupoto, Uganda, 2013
11 Krokobite, Ghana, 2020
     (under construction)



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